Uh-oh! I’m late with my Friday illustration again. But I have something else to show you instead… some photos I took at Vivid Sydney. If you are in Sydney and haven’t seen it yet, you should. It is definitely worth braving the crowds and cold nights to see this creative festival of light. It’s on until the 11th of June in Circular Quay and it’s FREE!

All images © Mahani Del Borrello 2012

111 thoughts on “VIVID

    • I paid for custom design then played around with the CSS, I am not that experienced with stuff like that that but managed to get it close to what I was after.

  1. wow, those are magnificent pictures! Make me want to go to Sydney! It’ s quite far for me tough, I’ m from Switzerland. If you’ d like to check out my blog, I’ m a filmmaker and photographer, I’ d love to welcome you :-)
    Congrats on getting FP!

  2. WOW! I am in awe of all the electric color displayed in your work! Bravo, you know how to capture the essence of nighttime lighting in a unique and inspirational way! I have to make my way down to sydney sometime!

  3. Awesome photos! The MCA looks so much better from a distance than it did up close, which is something I didn’t realise until seeing that photo you’ve taken. Vivid is a great idea, and the fact that it was so different to last year’s Vivid makes me wonder what the future holds for the festival! :)

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