The 18th Biennale of Sydney is on. Yay! And the weather on the weekend was perfect for exploring some of the projects and performances on Cockatoo Island. I had planned to do a post about everything I saw but there is just too much to cram into a single post. So, inspired by the foggy morning in Sydney today, I have decided to start with Fujiko Nakaya’s fog installation, Living Chasm.

I saw photos of this popping up on Instagram and knew I had to see it for myself. And I wasn’t disappointed. You have gotta love art the you can walk in, around and over! Fujiko uses pure-water fog to create her ephemeral sculptures. And what makes this even more impressive is that she is almost 80 years old! Amazing.

Who would have guessed it was a bright and sunny day from looking at the images above?

And yep! That’s me above, taking photos of the fog.

17 thoughts on “FUJIKO’S FOG

  1. Lovely photos. For me, the first one in the set stands out especially. I’d like to pin it on my Pinterest board – do you think you could enable the “Share on Pinterest” button so that it’s possible?

  2. wowwww that’s certainly very beautiful pictures. its not unusual to have such cold foggy weather in Islamabad every year in December and January so I can actually realize that how clumsy and fascinating it feels to be in such fog which sometimes scares you as well:P

  3. The first image of the set is stunning, I’m curious to see it as a portrait with just the detail of the people on the right. Sorry, I LOVE cropping :) I wish Sydney had more foggy days, it’s so magical.

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