I have been designing some new greeting cards recently. I don’t particularly like a lot of the cards available in shops–especially wedding cards. And as I am going to be a guest at a couple of weddings soon I thought I would make my own.  I decided that simple designs would be best… no champagne corks popping, no wedding rings or love hearts and not a bride or groom in sight! I even printed some ‘Fill in the Blank” cards that can be used for almost any occasion, not just weddings. So what do you think? Are you tired of giving boring cards too? These cards are available now in my Etsy store.

And I won’t scare you by posting them just yet but I have some new Christmas cards coming soon. :)


  1. They look awesome, yes I know what you mean there are so many cliche’s out there they can be tiring. It’s good to think out of the box! Can’t wait to see your Chrissie cards soon! I apologise in advance for the boring ones I will send out this year!!

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