Pattern Play Foliage - by Mahani Del Borrello for Picturette

Did you know that the temporary images Google sometimes places on it’s home page are called Google Doodles? I didn’t until now. And the only reason I found out is because one of these google doodles caught my eye and inspired this pattern. Anna Atkins was a British botanist and photographer. Using the sun, Atkins created beautiful cyanotypes of algae and ferns, they are thought to be the first photographic images printed in a book! Google celebreated her 216th birthday with this image.


14 thoughts on “PATTERN PLAY – FOLIAGE”

      1. “Doodles” iI found out really recently too, and I just love them. Gives me a piece of art every single day 🙂
        I need to make some research about Anna Atkins, because I really like the patterns and the technic used.
        It makes this image very light and poetic.

  1. Hey! this pattern is really nice, you really hit the colour 😀
    sometimes I use the same technique as Anne Atkins did to print photographies. 🙂

    have a great day


  2. I love this pattern and that is simple but it catches your eye and you can’t help but look at it and enjoy!
    Google doodles are the best specially the interactive ones! 😀

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